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Who is Steve Jobs

Perhaps you like APPLE… I mean the Apple Company. You have your tablets, iPhone, laptop, and other gadgets related to the Apple Company. If you do, then you should also like STEVE JOBS.
Who is Steve Jobs by the way?

Yeah, he is the man behind APPLE. But the story doesn’t stop there…There are still some details of this man which are relevant enough for you to know.  These things are what make him of what he became… So, find it out, know him more, and learn from him.

His Early Life

He was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. From his biological parents, he was being adopted by Clara & Paul Jobs when he was still an infant. And because his father was a machinist, Steve Jobs learned electronics from their very own garage by helping his father sometimes. And because he was intelligent, innovative, and creative, that activity became a hobby for him.

His Studies

Job was a little not that interested in formal schooling. He got bored of it. Actually, the school itself wanted to skip him ahead to high school but his parent did not agree. So, he was a bright and advance kid. And later when he was enrolled in high school, he met Steve Wosniak who became his friend. This guy was also a lover of electronics. So, the two clicked and were partners already in the garage of Steve’s house.

The Birth of Apple Computers

Steve Wosniak was not only a friend of Steve Jobs in his early life; later the two became great partners in the making of the Apple Computers. It was in 1976 when Jobs was 21 when he and Wosniak started the Apple Computers. They did it by selling Jobs’ Volkswagen bus and selling Wosniak first scientific calculator. In that way, they funded their business.

Job Left Apple & Started The NEXT INC. as well as Pixar Animation Studios

After the success of the Apple Company, Jobs left it or resigned being a CEO. The reason was because some board of directors thought that he was hurting the company because the company was being overtaken in the market by IBM in 1984. So, he started his own company again called NEXT INC. And later he bought Pixar Animation Company and invested a lot of his millions. This company produced Toy Stories, Finding Nemo , and The Incredibles. But later, this company merged with Walt Disney Company and Jobs became the largest shareholder.

Back in APPLE & Reinvented It

Though he succeed in his companies, he sold it to Apple itself for $429 millions in 1997. And after that, he returned to Apple and again he became its CEO. So, he reinvented the wheel. He made it again to the top. He made a lot of remarkable products such iMac, tablet, touch screen phones, etc. And with effective marketing strategies, branding, leadership, and other things just to run the business again, APPLE became legendary.

The Final Year

Job passed away on October 5, 2011 because of a Pancreatic Cancer. He died at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs will always remain a remarkable man. He was a great entrepreneur and a man of innovative thinking. He had this futuristic mind that was able to comprehend the ultimate beauty of technology. And those are all the answers of  who is Steve Jobs?

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