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10 Interesting Facts About Susan Rice

Susan Rice made a spark as a UN Ambassador. And to know more about her, here are the 10 interesting facts about Susan Rice.

1.       She is currently the U.N. Ambassador for the U.S.
2.       She and her family have this great interest for politics as     
           even in 
           meals, they are talking about it.
3.       She was a valedictorian in her class.
4.       She was a three-sport athlete.
5.       She earned Departmental Honors in Standford University.
6.       Her paper while she was having her PHD in Oxford 
          University won a prize for outstanding research  
          in the field of Commonwealth History.
7.       She is not related to to Condolezza Rice.
8.       She is criticized for commenting on the Benghazi Attack ]
          that caused the death of the U.S. 
          Ambassador Chris Stevens.
9.       She will be blocked by Sen. John McCain to be the state secretary because of her comments on 
          Benghazi Attack.
10.   Obama defended her with those criticisms; and he even praised her for her exemplary work.

Susan Rice is on her way to the new post that she is accordingly qualified.However, with so many tensions about the Benghazi attack, some problems may arise. But actually, she is a strong contingent for the next U.S. secretary in exchange for Hillary Clinton. These 10 interesting facts about Susan Rice are just a piece of what is everything about her. So, keep it close and stay connected…

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