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5 Reasons Why Colonialism Happened

You cannot deny the fact, that these modern days, are just the product of yesterday's past. And colonialism should be given enough credit.  Yes, things will not be these better and improvised this time without the trending of colonialism in the past. There will be no mixture of races, a new set or race organization, new movements of the countries, no technology and economic advancement. We’ll know more about that anyway. :)

So, to dig it up, here are the 5 reasons why colonialism happened in the 14th to 19th Century. What happened?

1The Greek & Roman  Education

From the education started by the Greeks and followed by the Romans, some Europeans, especially the Romans before, had a good standard for education. To trace back, the knowledge from different Philosophers, Astronomers, Mathematicians, and other people, became the very foundation of the colonialism. It’s because these became the basis of further studies; which led to more inventions and discoveries. Yes Plato, Aristotle, and other scholars were very much significant.

2.       Inventions
Yes, inventions made their explorations possible. Some of these were being invented by them and others were being borrowed, copied, or purchased from other ancient civilizations like China, Egypt, India, etc.

These inventions are: Astrolabe, Compass, Maps, Printing etc.

Yes, these were used for their exploration and navigation. The pirates made their exploration more adventurous with the help of these inventions.

3.       Europeans wanted to have a new trade route to Asia to Save

Yes Asia and Europe were trading already before the age of colonialism. But it was so costly for the Europeans because of the Muslim middlemen. Chinese were among the top traders that Europeans were up to. Their products were so good and even Compass came from them.

4.       Asian Spices were in demand in Europe

Yes, Europeans love spices. Spices made their food taste good. They used it for the preservation of meat, dyeing clothes, and for cooking. Spices were so precious for them. It was a luxury. So, the businessmen took advantage of it. So they sponsored voyages to gain a lot of income. And the monarchs were also happy because it will also add more money to their treasuries.

5.       The 3  G’s

Yes, “God, Gold, and Glory.” These are the motives of the Europeans especially the first two countries- Spain and Portugal. They wanted to spread Christianity to the world. And they wanted to earn and made some profit. (Who doesn’t want it anyway?) And the rest will follow. That is why the other countries of    Europe made their way to colonialism too.

This was the reality at that time. Knowledge, motives, dreams, passion, luxury, wealth, and many other cares in this life pushed the mighty hearts of the Europeans to shake the world through exploration. Just like the ordinary person in this present day, they are but the same. However, their challenges and trials were ofcourse extraordinary. They did it manually and they started from the very basic.  Yet, here you are, reaping their hardwork. Though History turned in an upside down motion because of colonialism, but still there is something about it that you should not forget to value. These 5 reasons why colonialism happened are enough for you to make a stop for a moment and think- “What if, they did not happen?” 

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