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Some Interesting Facts About The Maya Civilization

Do you believe that the world will be ending this December 2012? Maybe you hear this from the Mayan Calendar which is accordingly one of the beliefs of the Mayas. However, this interesting ending of the world is not really that clear according to the Maya’s nowadays. Some people just have some misconceptions regarding this topic when it comes to the Maya’s belief. But today, I will share some very interesting facts about the Maya Civilization.

1.The Maya’s are great builders of monuments. 

They build great pyramids, sculptures, and monuments in which up to now, these are still present. Many of these became a tourist spot in South America. Actually, if you will look closely to these monuments, they are having complex designs

2.They practiced human sacrifice as part of their religious ritual.

The body of a person who would be a sacrificed is being painted with a blue color, and then the priest will perform the ritual. The heart will be taken while it is still beating. There are various reasons why they need to perform this ritual. These could be to please their gods for them to have a good weather, harvest, life, etc.

3.They have this Mayan Calendar.

This kind of calendar of the Maya, people tend to think that the world will end this Dec 2012. But, according to the Maya’s now, the world will just begin a new life cycle; but will not end. Many people misinterpreted this Mayan Calendar. A lot of movies and stories are portraying this kind of story.

4. The naming of a baby will be based on the day that they will be born.

The people of Maya civilization believe that they need to follow their calendar when they name their babies. This Mayan Calendar has a specific name for any baby that will be born on a specific day. …so amazing right?

5. Their great empire collapsed without a clear explanation.

Up to this present time, the scholars could not make a concrete and exact explanation how this great Mayan Empire of 2000 years ago just disappeared. Though they had millions of population, still they declined and disappeared. However, some of the Mayas are still alive today. They are still in the Yucatan region in South America today. However, they do not have that   very great empire just like before.

These interesting facts about the Maya Civilization only remind us how important life is. Sometimes, we do have great times, but sometimes we   will not have. And history will always tell us, that we are not alone in our journey of this world. We are part of the civilization. We could make it or break it. So, let us live well…have a great life! :)

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