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3 Reasons Why Latin America is Called “Latin America”

 You may often hear Latin America. Yes “Latin” makes you wonder why this part of America is called “Latin” America. First, where is Latin America?  Now, try to see the map below. From Mexico down to the South America, all these countries are known to be part of Latin America. Why? Here we go… These are the reasons why Latin America is called “Latin America”. 

1.       The countries that belong to this part of America were being colonized before by some powerful countries in Europe. The colonizers were Spain, Portugal, France, etc. Because of colonization, the people learned their language very much as well as some culture. So, what? How are these things connected? Go, read number 2.

2.       The languages of the powerful European countries were originally developed out of the “LATIN” language in Rome. Remember the great Roman Empire? Roman Empire was a huge empire; it was almost the entire Europe before. But when barbarians came in and destroyed the empire into pieces, the Latin language was also distorted. Barbarians of German and of Northern Europe origin mixed up with the Romans. Thus, their languages mixed up together. And as Roman Empire fell, it was being divided into different independent countries. And each country has a different language but still there was a commonality of “Latin”. That is why Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc. were having similarities.

Then what’s next? Number 3 will answer.

3.       Now, these different countries in Europe were originally parts of the Roman Empire. Time came; colonization in Europe became a trend due to several factors. Then some of the powerful countries like Spain, France, Portugal, Netherlands, etc. made their way to America. They colonized them and influenced them a lot. Thus, most of the countries from Mexico down to the southern part of America were speaking same languages of their conquerors even up to now. So, because of that, these countries were called- The Latin America.

Now it’s pretty clear that because of those events in history, we have this Latin America in this world. I hope these 3 reasons why Latin America is called “Latin America” help you understand better the History itself. So, until next post… Keep reading! :)

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