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3 Reasons For You To Like HISTORY

Many people think that History is such a boring subject. Many people say that they hate it in school and they
often sleep in the class during this subject. And if you are one of them, then this post wants to talk to you.
Yes, everybody has his or her right in terms of liking something. But today, I just want to open your mind to the other dimension of History which is definitely opposite to what other say… So, here are 3 reasons for you to like History. 

1.       History will trace your identity and racial roots.

Yes, you are a living creature in this world, and for sure from the day that you had your consciousness asking about who you are, then History can clear up your mind. Aside from that, you will not wonder anymore why your color, language, culture, etc are a way different compare to other creatures in this world. Why? Ofcourse World History will explain it for you.

2.       History is the best “true to life” novel with the complete set of real and true stories all over the world.

Yes, maybe you like Harry Potter, Twilight, and other famous novels which are mostly fictitious; but there are so many History books with a lot of interesting true to life stories. The good thing about them is that they were real and they are very close to the reality of life. Actually there are so many controversial and amazing stories in History. What you need is just to dig them up and do more research. Be resourceful. You can search or buy new books and some reports about it. Just think about Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Hitler, Henry VIII with Anne Boleyn, and many other interesting stories….they are too many to mention.

3.        History could be your ultimate mirror to reflect yourself…

Yeah, you can learn about everything in this life through History: how to remember facts. Human emotions, intellect, dreams, anger, sacrifice, failure, victory, and many interesting subjects of being human are being put together as one package in History. You can get a lot of analysis, evaluations, and reflections why those events happened in the past. And also you can ask it to yourself if you are doing it also. Remember, those stories maybe old, but the EMOTIONS and INTENTIONS of men behind it are never different. Same emotions, dreams, goals, longing, anger, etc… In short, History paints the real life situation of men. It’s the real life MOVIE that you should be watching for always.

Yes, maybe you are just tired reading and listening some old stories of the past… But never forget that where you are right now is also the same place where   the movie of the   History of the past occurred. Never think of repeating them again or else you are making the story “really” boring. So, I hope these 3 reasons why you should like History will just add some little thoughts of your day today. Let’s make great History everyone… Good luck in your journey!

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  1. Absolutely true! Let's make a good and interesting history to reflect on! Have a great day ahead!


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