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Who Invented "Zero" ?

Perhaps you don’t like the number ZERO. Like when you get zero in school when you were studying wasn’t that fun. Of course, you hate it; everybody does. But don’t you know that number ZERO is ultimately important in your life? First and foremost, it allows you to represent “nothing”. Yes that’s nothing at all. But hey! A million dollar will not be made possible without the powerful 6 zeros. Amazing right? That is why knowing who invented zero is a bit interesting. Zero in the end, is a genius invention of mankind. 

The Persian Scientist

"al-Khwārizmī" is a Persian scientist, mathematician, astronomer, geographer, and a scholar. He actually represented the Arab World. He introduced the Hindu-Arabic numerals in the 500 AD. Actually, he was also the original source of Algebra. He made a lot of remarkable works in the field of Mathematics and most of them were being translated into Latin. And many other ancient civilizations followed his teachings and discoveries. They also used them especially in Rome, etc. But some civilizations had some idea already about the concept of zero, however, this Persian Mathematician was the only one who made a thorough explanation and a systematize calculation of zero. But his studies were based from Greek and Indian sources of books and studies. So, he was not really the one who invented zero. 

Zero Came From a Latin Word

The present day use this word ZERO. However this came from a Latin word Zefiro which was only a translation of the Arabic term ṣifr” which means “nothing”. But this Arabic term also came from a Sanskrit word of India “shoonya”. 


Though it is vague to determine on who invented zero exactly, but it is clear enough that almost all the ancient civilizations like Greece, Rome, India, China,  Maya Civilization, and in Mesopotamia were aware that they needed to represent zero. But they did not make a thorough explanation as if some of them were a little confused and some did not think very much about its great significance. But the Persian Scientist’s study offered a better explanation why and how to use   zero. Then the Latin world adapted and even used it when they followed the Hindu-Arabic numbers.  And from that time, the world followed it well.

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