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My Blog This Christmas 2012

Today is December 25, 2012 here in Philippines. 

Last night, my neighbors were not that so noisy celebrating Christmas…so it was really a “silent night”.(tskk) But still I felt Christmas though… the cold wind always reminds me of it… my family and baby also remind me upon how grateful am I to celebrate Christmas not only for today but everyday. Thus, thanks God for keeping me alive up to this time. I owe You a lot.

But by the way, I miss my blog this very Christmas…I was so busy doing a lot of things from work, and now, I finally have some BREAKS. :) So, as a gift for myself, I want to have some “free talks” here in my very own young blog. Yes, it’s young but I’m looking forward to make it matured and stable. I always dream for this, but sometimes I’m confused for the whole process. Yeah, it needs a lot of time, focus, determination, and a lot of connections. I am not a master in terms of web or blog creation etc…etc… yet, I will still hit that point…hopefully.:) For now, I just want to enjoy my stay in my blog talking about some interesting facts in History.

Yes, I love History not because my major and my work have a scope for this. I just love it in a way that I have realized that everybody could learn a lot from it. History is about life itself… this is the whole movement of the humanity in this world. It’s the behavior and actions of people that change the course of events. And also some divine intervention could be counted in a form of natural calamities, phenomenon, etc…etc…
Hope I am not talking too much… but just sharing my thoughts for the day. It’s a beautiful day today for me. Yes, life is so meaningful if you know how to read its meaning and if you know how to appreciate little things. Having life itself is priceless…I think this the ultimate gift that everyone should be thankful for this very Christmas… Hope you have the same thoughts too as you take time watching this beautiful Christmas song… 

Have a blessed Christmas everyone…:) 


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