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Some Thoughts : Typhoon Pablo Hit Southern Philippines

Today is Christmas… but as I heard the news that there will be another tropical storm called Quinta that will hit Visayas and Mindanao in the Philippines, I think what a sad Christmas for people who will be victims again. Just this earlier December, Typhoon Pablo hit some parts of Visayas and Mindanao…and everything was so tragic. Particularly in Mindanao, there in Compostella Valley thousands of people died because of landslides…And up to this time, many people are still missing… 

These events will not only make the Filipino people down but it will also leave a lot of lessons to be learned. First and foremost is to take care of the mother nature as people in Compostella  Valley engaged in too much mining. Thus, this has something to do with those calamities and tragedies. But then, as it happened already, let’s just pray for everyone and especially the people there who survived. May their lives will still be full of hope and faith. 

Here’s a video clip showing the victims and the damages during the Typhoon Pablo in the Philippines. By this, I hope this can make us think how lucky and thankful we are; who are living a wonderful life. Any of our help will make a huge difference to those victims. 


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